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Online Advertising Is Changing Every Month...

Are you struggling to keep up with all the changes and scaling your business with paid media?

If so, you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your business without SEO, Product Launches, JV Partners, or Affiliates...

Why Our Clients Love Us

We See The Big Picture

Most business owners understand their offer better than anyone, and do an excellent job at growing to a certain level. The problem is getting to the next level. When working with our clients we see opportunities with new campaigns, platforms and data that make your business rapidly grow, often with less effort.

We specialize in evergreen webinar offers and often work with clients on creating a cohesive offer starting with the lead magnet through the final upsell. Each offer along the way builds on the previous thus increasing the lifetime value of your customer.

Data and analytics are the backbone to knowing if an offer and campaign are successful. We provide each client with a custom KPI dashboard so you can easily follow the key metrics we track for overall performance. You won't be left in the dark and leave it up to a guessing game.

We Find Your Target Audience

Market research and effective targeting is the cornerstone of our ad campaigns. The better the targeting, the better the campaigns perform. Starting out new campaigns we rely heavily on granular segmenting to identify the specific targets and demographics that are converting. With that segmentation we then quickly eliminate under-performing targets like a sniper and optimize the winning campaigns quickly.

Following our segmentation and elimination process there is no question as to what targets are working the best. We can then allocate more budget to the top performing campaigns and effectively weight our ad budget accordingly. Often this means a drop in your customer acquisition cost and an increase in your market penetration.

We Scale Your Traffic Profitably

Scaling ad campaigns is a science and can be tricky. It is not simply about spending more money on the same ads and seeing what sticks to the wall. What works on a small budget many times will not work on a large budget.

Scaling relies on the structure of both your campaigns and your funnel. Scaling also requires caution and careful monitoring and management. As campaigns scale, they are more like a cruise ship than a speed boat and subtle corrections and adjustments are much better then full speed ahead.

Frequently we see low budget high performing campaigns lose traction when trying to scale because the baseline conversion data isn't substantial. We normally begin scaling after about 500 conversions so the ad networks have enough data to properly target the audience for conversions.

Example Of Our Client Dashboard

About Kevin Davis

Kevin has been responsible for driving traffic for some of the biggest launches in the coaching niche and helping turn those launches into evergreen funnels.

You may recognize some of his clients such as; Wealth Through Workshops with Callan Rush, Christian Mickelsen, Crazy Sexy Wellness, Thrive Academy, Jeffrey Van Dyk, Suzanne Evans, Monica Shah, The Foundation with Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish, Frank Kern, Get Altitude with Eben Pagan, Ronnie Nijmeh from  Besides the coaching audience, Kevin has also worked with other niches such as Triathlon Trainers and Ryan Moody's Barra Basics fishing course in Australia.

He also brings his eCommerce experience With Borika Body, Southern Style Boutique, and Midnight Magnolia Clothing.

Kevin brings not only paid traffic expertise to his clients, but expertise in analytics and tracking as well.

Kevin has worked closely with the premier photography training site refining their Google Analytics eCommerce tracking.

Kevin is also a Google Analytics instructor for Imparture.

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